How to Perform the Ancient Art of Origami

Topics: Origami, Euclidean geometry, Geometry Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Shakaro Richardson
English 120
Professor Coombes

How to perform the ancient art of origami
Origami is the ancient art of paper-folding that is believed to originate from Japan. It has made its way across to the western territories, and has commercial uses. What makes origami so special though? Does it even help with anything? Performing origami improves hand-eye-coordination, creates toys for kids, and provides cultural awareness. That a triple threat and it can do so much more than that. Think of a basic square or rectangular paper and imagine it turning into a dragon, swan or even a crane. Well that is amazing like a magic trick; what kind of magician can do such tricks? Anyone can perform origami all it takes is a piece of paper, time, and effort and anyone can be an origami magician. Who invented this magical art, this alchemy, this sorcery? “Since paper degrades as it ages, it is hard to come up with an exact timeline for the invention of origami” (Hinders). This statement shows that the origin of origami is unknown, but the creation of paper started in 105 A.D. in China. Japan only started to perform origami in sixth century and they called it orikata simply meaning folded shapes. Why did it take Japan so long to create origami? Japan at the time was a very poor country and the cost of paper was really expensive at the time. When the Japanese could finally afford to buy paper they cherished it and turned it into forms of art. The oldest known form of origami is noshi which is a gift samurais used to give to each other. One of my most favorite origami forms is the swan. To make the swan a piece of square paper will be needed. Any type of paper will do but some people prefer origami paper. Fold the paper along one diagonal edge so a triangle is made then unfold it. Now fold the lower edges of the square to the centerline this will make a kite shape. Flip the kite shape over and make a double fold to the center. Take the thin point and...
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