How to Memorize Vocabulary

Topics: Hermann Ebbinghaus, Chinese language, Morpheme Pages: 2 (288 words) Published: October 26, 2007
How to memorize vocabulary
The purpose of my paper is not to let the reader know the special ways to recite the special vocabularies.but just show ¡°how to¡± . I use many kinds of books for reference .I hope it can help you.

Why we should memorize the vocabulary?
At the beginning,we should know why we have to memorize lots of vaocabulary. English is different from Chinese.we don¡¯t need to memorize Chinese vocabulary if we want to take the colleage entrance examination,but why American should try to recite a lot of vocabulary if they want to take the SAT or TOEFL .Even we Chinese people want to be the

Ways to memorize^^^

Learn vividly£¬use your imagination For example¡­¡­
Use the morpheme or morphemes regarded as a form to which affixes or other bases may be added. Learn from the life¡£For example
Use association to

While we are remebering ,we should notice
Something we should not forget : The pronunciation and the explaintion in English. the reasons¡­¡­

The schedule
Make your Schedule or plan.We best follow the ebbinghaus forgetting curve

Choose one tool:
why?As we all know Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job.As a result ,firstly, we should choose a good vocabulary book. The character of the good vocabulary book should have: the meaning Here are some recommendation.

Something you should notice
No a way can suit everybody.
The above way is I sum up the senior , not created by myself.But it indeed is involved with what I have expericence. You should not count the increase of the vocabulary to settle all the problems.You should also do some reading ,listenning and writing.
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