How to Manage a Business Effectively

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Management Issues for the Growing Business
Emerging Business Series

U. S. Small Business Administration March 2009

Helping Small Business Start, Grow and Succeed

Management Issues for the Growing Business

Emerging Business Series EB - 03

Jack L. Bishop, Jr., Ph.D. President Bishop Associates Lincoln, Nebraska

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NOTE TO READER: This publication was written in the early 1990’s. Some aspects of the research and data are outdated. However, it is still offered in SBA’s online library because much of the content is relevant and applicable in today’s business climate. A new publication on this topic is planned for the future.

Office of Entrepreneurship Education March 2009
U.S. Small Business Administration




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U.S. Small Business Administration


Effective management is the key to the establishment and growth of the business. The key to successful management is to examine the marketplace environment and create employment and profit opportunities that provide the potential growth and financial viability of the business. Despite the importance of management, this area is often misunderstood and poorly implemented, primarily because people focus on the output rather than the process of management. Toward the end of the 1980s, business managers became absorbed in improving product quality, sometimes ignoring their role vis-a-vis personnel. The focus was on reducing costs and increasing output, while ignoring the long-term benefits of motivating personnel. This shortsighted view tended to increase profits in the short term, but created a dysfunctional long-term business environment. Simultaneously with the increase in concern about quality, entrepreneurship attracted the attention of business. A sudden wave of successful entrepreneurs seemed to render earlier management concepts obsolete. The popular press focused on the new cult heroes Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack (creators and developers of the Apple Computer) while ignoring the marketing and organizing talents of Mike Markula, the executive responsible for Apple's business plan.* The story of two guys selling their Volkswagen bus to build the first Apple computer was more romantic than that of the organizational genius that enabled Apple to develop, market and ship its products while rapidly becoming a major corporation. In large businesses, planning is essential for developing a firm's potential. However, many small businesses do not recognize the need for long-range plans, because the small number of people involved in operating the business implies equal responsibility in the planning and decision-making processes. Nevertheless, the need for planning is as important in a small business as it is in a large one. This publication focuses on the importance of good management practices. Specifically, it addresses the responsibilities of managing the external and internal environments. It can provide a basis for confronting the challenges of the 1990s.

U.S. Small Business Administration


Two decades ago, Alvin...
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