How to Manage Time Efficiently

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"Why is it important for future managers to manage their time efficiently? Do you usually make the most of your day? And how?"  
It goes without saying that having a healthy attitude to time-keeping is very important for everyone, because if you make the most of your time, you are in good physical conditions, relaxed and have lower stress levels than those, who organize their time. Future managers control processes in an organization and they must use every opportunity as successfully and usefully as possible, leave time for their personal life to be successful and happy. Time- management is a very useful tool to achieve goals.  

I think it is very hard to make the most of the day, if you are perfectionist. I prefer to be self-employed, so I have to take control of my time and do as much as possible every day. There is a saying "the early bird catches the worm" so I get up early every morning, do my morning procedures promptly and go to the university. Sometimes I write a list of things to do, where I organize things I should do into categories, set priorities and then perform everything according to my list. I do not follow orders, what is very important if you want to organize your time efficiently. If I have an appointment with somebody, I am always on time for it.  

Time- management courses are not that effective as many think. By far the most helpful things I understood about time- management is that you should write a list of things that should be done, but no more than 7. Afterwards you should choose 1- 3 things that are necessary for you and should be done at the first place. Really, you should choose just one priority task and make it without excuses. If you made all 7 things should be extremely happy, but even if you have done just your priority, you should be glad too. I think that it is the rule- of- thumb- be glad with what you've done, but always aim at greater.
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