How to Manage and Run the Stand Throughout the Exhibition?

Topics: Project management, Stephen King, The Stand Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: February 16, 2006
How to manage and run the stand throughout the exhibition?

For every organized event, all activities have different levels of difficulty and numerous variations. Whatever the nature of the event, you can be sure that every detail is professionally planned and designed according to the hghest standards of safety.

In order to fulfill the requirements of time, cost and quality, a perosn must acquire a set of skills to manage and resolve problems that develop during the implementation of an event. Training and experience are necessary skills to hold a successful event. A project manager needs to work effectively as a group member to build a cooperative effort within the team. A project manager needs to work effectively as a group member to build a cooperative effort within the team. A project normally involves a lot of people who plays different roles. However, they all have the same objective of completing the project within time, cost and quality. Besides the aspects of client, product and facilities, on site logistics should be considered and becomes more complex with larger events. The flow of materials, people and communication become the most important areas of logistics.

In the opening day, the light of the first day experience may make a difference to the positioning of staff.

Labors always consume a significant portion of resources during an event. During the lead up time to an event, the subcontractors handle many of the elements of logistics. However, once the facilities are on site, it becomes the responsibility of the holder. Thus, each section worker needs to communicate and plan well. Fax machines, pagers, and radio assignment numbers, on sire locations, extension numbers and lines of responsibility must be clearly illustrated.

The location of the stand has the greatest impact on success. The size or layout of an exhibition stand could be poorly engineered and occasionally must be supplemented by an attachment or separate facility....
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