How to Make a Ringtone for Your Iphone

Topics: IPhone, App Store, ITunes Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Many iPhone users think that it is almost impossible to get a free ringtone for their iPhones. The way that normal iPhone users get their ringtones is by buying them from the iTunes store. Today, I will walk you through and show you a way that you could make your own ringtones from your library music for free. First, download the iTunes app from the Apple website, and then install it into your computer. After you finish that, open the App and import your music to the iTunes. Then, select the music that you want to be your ringtone. Next, hit right click on the music that you selected and go to “Get info.” Then go to options. Check the two boxes that say start time and stop time. In the first box where it says start time, put the time of the music that you want the ringtone to start with. On the other box where it says stop time, add thirty seconds to the initial selected time. After you get done, hit “Okay.” The following step you do is to go back to the same music and hit right click and go to where it says, “Create AAC version”. This one will make a copy of your music for the thirty seconds that was selected in the two boxes. Now, you click and drag the AAC version into your desktop and rename it (change only the last letter (a) to number (4) and hit save). Finally, double click on the music that has just been renamed and it will automatically go into your ringtone library in your iTunes. All you have to do now is to sync your iPhone with the iTunes, and the ringtone will be in your iPhone. By follow these steps, you will have successfully gotten free ringtones.
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