How to Make a Mask

Pages: 2 (918 words) Published: June 25, 2013
Sterling Hicks
Eng. 900-06
20 June, 2013

When it comes to the world of prop building, mask making, or prosthetics their are specific steps to follow. Otherwise if one were to mess up they can end up on the hospital due to chemical mixing. Now it’s not as dangerous as it sounds but its never good to inhale any type of fumes, don’t want to end up in the hospital. The first approach to build a mask or any type of make-up build is be cautious and aware. If you are not cautious and aware then as I said before you may end up in the hospital, with some sort of serious Illness. When working on a build always wear a mask, gloves, and an apron to protect your clothes. second step to mask making is the design know what you’re going to create. Come up with different concepts of one idea, so that you’ll have more than just one concept to work off of, as well as knowing or feeling which concept is the best. After the process of concepts, ideas and brainstorming work of the concept or in other words play with clay. You're going to need to sculpt your concept on clay. Now it is doable with cheap clay such as Amacos: play'n clay, air dry modeling clay. It’s not the best clay to use but it gets the job done. Although what I have heard from other sculptors and hobbiest that marblex or sculptey is better for sculpting. So when you have chosen what type of clay to use you then sculpt out your concept, taking out or adding in detail. After sculpting out your concept you will need you pierce to dry. Usually it takes about two to three days but its always best to at least wait for a week making sure that it is completely dry. Always check for cracks as well that is never good for your finally piece making sure that if you do see cracks fill them in with clay. After the piece has completely dried you will need to mold it. This is where a breathing mask definitely comes in handy. When it comes to molding their are many brands and ways to mold your clay piece, from...
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