how to make a kite

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1. Find a plastic shopping bag. It doesn't have to be huge - one that's standard size works.

Fold the plastic bag in half vertically. Be sure it is flat, and even.

3. 3
Cut out the kite shape. Here are the cuts you need for your kite:

Cut off the bottom of the bag. Position your scissors 2 or 3 inches (5 or 7.5 cm) up from the bottom, and cut so that all the bunchiness is removed. Cut the bag in the middle, from the base straight up to the center of the bag. Make a cut from the center of the bag back out to the fold, at about a 45-degree angle. 4. 4

Save the section that includes most of the fold and set aside the rest of the bag. Lay the pieces out flat. You should have 2 irregular pentagons.

5. 5
Cut two sticks. One stick should be as long as the length of the kite, from top to bottom. The other stick should be just a bit longer than the width of the kite, from right to left.

6. 6
Tape the longer stick to the vertical center of the kite. Tape the top end (at the tip of the kite) first. Before you tape the bottom part, stretch the plastic a little and then tape the stick onto the bottom.

7. 7
Tape the one end of the shorter stick to the left corner of the kite.

8. 8
Bow the horizontal stick. That is, bend it slightly toward the top corner of the kite so that it curves as it moves from left to right. Tape the right corner. 9. 9
Tape the two sticks together. Where the sticks cross, use a bit of tape to attach the bowed section to the vertical stick.

10. 10
Cut the extra plastic into strips and tie together. This will be the tail of your kite, and it should end up being a few feet long (or a meter, give or take a bit). You could use different colors to add more flair to your tail.

11. 11
Tape one end of the tail to the bottom of the kite.

12. 12
Cut two small holes in the plastic. Use a pointed item to make a hole at the intersection where the two sticks meet, as well as at the bottom.

13. 13
Cut a piece of string 1 foot (30cm) in length. Push one end of the string to the intersecting sticks at the other side of the plastic. Tie firmly. Do the same with the other end. Now you have the "bridle".

14. 14
Make a knot with a hole in the bridle on the same level as the intersection of the sticks. Check the alignment by pulling the string to one side to see if the knot is next to (not above or below) the intersection.

15. 15
Decide where to tie a loop into the bridle line. When you are outside, hold the bridle string between your thumb and finger, so that the kite tries to fly from your hand. Start in the middle of the bridle and gradually move your fingers up toward the intersection. At one point, the angle of attack will be right and the kite will fly best, so this is where you want to tie a loop into the bridle line. This loop needs to move up or down depending on the wind speed, so you have to adjust the location for each flying session.

16. 16
Cut more string (up to 20 feet, or 6 m, long) and tie it to the bridle.

17. 17
Fly the kite. To fly, simply throw the kite and pull the string as if you are fishing. Extend the string while doing this. You may need to give it some help to get into the air by running a little. If so, check that the ground ahead is free of obstacles as you are likely to be looking up as you do this and not concentrating on the ground.
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