How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwhich

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How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Do you ever get really hungry and want a quick and easy meal

to eat? If your answer is yes, the perfect food for you is a delicious

Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It is a very simple and inexpensive way to

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feed you and your family.

The basic ingredients you’ll need are two slices of white bread,

a block/slice of Cheddar cheese, and butter. The tools you’ll be

using are a knife, skillet, plates, and a spatula. Now you’re ready to

get started!

First, you should heat your skillet on the oven to medium heat

until it is hot. While it is heating, get out a few paper plates. Open

your bag of bread and take out two slices. The next thing you do is

get a knife out of your drawer and get your stick of butter. Use the

knife to cut a very thin piece of butter off and smooth the butter on

each piece of bread on one side only. Just so the bread doesn’t stick

to the skillet, you should also cut a little butter off of the stick and lay it

in the skillet. Now you can cut a very thin slice of cheese and place it

between the unbuttered sides of the bread.

After the butter on the skillet has melted, place your sandwich

on the skillet. You should now grab your spatula in order to flip the

sandwich. Let the sandwich cook on one side for about two minutes

before flipping it to the other side. You’ll know the Grilled Cheese

Sandwich is ready when both sides are golden brown and the

cheese is melted. Now you can use the spatula to place the Grilled

Cheese on your plate.

If you want a little more to go along with the Grilled Cheese

Sandwich, a good idea would be to buy a can of Tomato Soup. It

will make this meal even better!

You should now know a cheap and easy way to fill your tummy.

Hopefully you will enjoy the Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for many...
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