how to make a good impression at acollege

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Preparation for the first day of college

Your college dress
Style of dressing for college varies from place to place, culture to culture, environment to environment, so I can’t recommend you a specific type of dress or style of dressing, instead I had an exclusive and powerful tip for you to determine “what type of dress you have to wear on first day of college to give a great first impression”. Visit your college before first day or observe senior students of your college and check their dressing style to decide what suites you on first day of your college and in which dress you can make good first impression. Your look

First thing counts in your first impression is your look because visual works much more earlier than the any other impression For males I suggest shiny hairs, fresh look and well shaved, smiling and charming face. For females light look, unique hairstyle and updated fashion works well. Neatness and uniqueness are the plus points to create good first impression on the first day of college. Hand carry

Choosing your hand carry or college bag is simply recommended to be comfortable and light to carry preferably better suites your personality (height, weight). To get out of confusion you can also take help from your observation of senior students of your college, but I recommend you not to copy them instead develop a unique style of your own to choose college bag or to handle it. Selection of shoes

Shoes recommended to wear on first day are that pair of your collection which suites you most and you can feel comfortable in them so you are then able to give your concentration to other necessary matters of giving good first impression instead of fighting with shoes. First day of the college

Now come to some simple points you must have in your mind on the first day of college to make a good and powerful impression. Be punctual
First thing is be on time.
Embed your self in the new environment
Don’t worry about finding yourself on the new...
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