how to make a easy solar oven

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Place the smaller box inside the larger box. Make sure the smaller box is inside the large boxes with shredded newspaper. This will act as an insulator.Line the inside of the smaller box with black construction paper. This will keep slightly flared squares. Since you will be attaching these to the walls of your box, the width of each narrow end of each square should equal the width of the side you’ll be attaching it to; the width of each flared end should be several inches wider than the width of the narrow end.Cover each piece of cardboard with reflective material such as foil. Make sure it sits tightly around the reflector, and smooth out any wrinkles or folds. Secure the material with rubber cement or tape on one side of each reflector.Attach each reflector to the top of one side of the box. You can glue, staple, or thread them as necessary, allowing them to flop over for now.Prop each reflector up at around a 45 degree angle. The easiest, most secure way to do this is to connect the reflectors together at the flared top corners (ex. by piercing adjacent corners and tying them together with thread, then untying them for dis assemblyPosition the oven in full sun and cook. Put food in the smaller box to cook it. It is best to cook the food in jars or on a small, dark baking pan. Experiment with cooking times and how and where you place the box. You may need to reposition your box several times during cooking to catch the sun). However, you can also sticking rods in the ground underneath the reflectors, stacking something underneath each reflector, or whatever else will hold them securely in place. If it’s a windy day, make sure your reflectors won’t blow over. If using rods, glue the reflectors to the rods to add more stability.
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