how to make a coffee

Topics: Sugar, Flavor, Food Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: November 8, 2013
Making a delicious coffee for unpleasant customers
When working in the fast food field, there is always a possibility that you will deal with very rude people. To them, it is very easy to do what you are doing, which in most cases it is; sometimes it just doesn’t taste, smell, or look the way they would like. As the customer you should be nicer to the people dealing with your food as you never know what they could do behind a counter, (just kidding we could get fired). Whether you are going to Dunkin Donuts, Burger King, or any other restaurant you should always be a pleasant customer.

Making a coffee seems easy, right? Grab a mug some milk, sugar & coffee & your coffees done. Well there’s a little more too that than you think. Yes, you need a mug ( in a fast food restaurant it would be a Styrofoam cup) you will also need milk, skim milk or cream which ever you prefer. How about a flavor? Flavors give your coffee a zing, try it. Sugar, this is very important because if you don’t get sugar your coffee may taste very blah. Have you decided hot or iced? Now that you have decided how your coffee will be, you will order, as nicely as possible because I will not deal with an attitude I may give you one back, so be nice. You would like your coffee, a medium ice coffee, three pumps caramel swirl, extra milk and two and a half splenda, very little ice. Did you notice I was very precise? If you just say a medium ice coffee caramel swirls with milk and splenda it will not taste the same. Now let’s make your coffee.

One of the first things we will need is to get the cup, a medium sized one. After you get the cup you will put ice, very little because that’s what you ordered. You will then put only three pumps of caramel swirl (yum). The next thing will be milk, you decided extra milk so you will get five shots milk, and this will still be dark so if you usually get cream just remember it will be darker than that. You then fill it with ice coffee. The last thing you need...
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