How to Make a Closing Speech

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Closing remarks are very similar to the concluding paragraph of an essay. The opening paragraph introduces the topic. The closing remarks provide a concise summary of the points made in the talk. Frequently, in the closing remarks, is a statement of the next course of action. Some people use closing remarks to thanks sponsors and other researchers, but this can be done in the beginning of the talk. The closing remark may be what the audience will remember most about the talk. One or two short sentences at the end, with words very well chosen provide an effective closure to the talk. How to Write a Closing Speech

Understand Speech Structure
Every speech needs to have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Most professional speakers write the body (main points) first and then write an effective introduction and conclusion. The body of the speech is the longest part. The introduction and conclusion are usually about the same length. During the introduction explain who you are and why you are speaking (briefly mention your credentials). •2

Summarize Key Ideas
In the main body of your speech you want to remind them of the key events, activities or ideas of the evening or the weekend. People remember most the things that they hear first and last. If audience members have listened to several speakers and/or topics during a conference weekend, they can't remember everything. It is the closing speaker's job to remind them of the all-important take aways from the conference. You, the speaker, need to ask yourself this question when composing your speech: If the audience only remembers three things from this seminar what should they be? •3

Give Them a Clue
The closing speech is the last thing the participants will hear. It needs to end with a bang, not a whimper. After you summarize key ideas you need to give a verbal clue that your speech is coming to an end. For example, you can say, "In closing" or "Before I leave today" or "Finally, I'd like to..."...
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