How to make the world more Humane

Topics: Community, Humanitarian aid, World Pages: 4 (766 words) Published: June 8, 2014

The basic needs that humans need to be successful and content are food, shelter, and clothing. A person’s environment in which they are raised can determine the level of their humane conditions. What is being a Humanitarian? Understanding that people need people to survive. They need to be people who are kind, show mercy, compassion, and have common values. Making sure people have the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothes are usually areas Humanitarians focus their giving. I learned this year by leaving my home to go to college that my family exposed me to many qualities of being humane without me realizing it. Over the holidays, I would meet my grandmother at her church to prepare meals for the homeless. She always made sure me and my siblings had clean clothes and food to eat. I asked her why she volunteers at her church and she said she never wants to see people, especially children, go hungry. My parents raised me to follow God’s commandments and to show compassion and kindness to others. My parents also provided their family with a safe and clean place to live. It took me leaving home from school to see how fortunate I am. People around the world do not have these luxuries. I feel if more people would realize how blessed they are, it will make them feel obligated to become a humanitarian. I personally will continue helping feed the homeless with my grandmother, donate my used clothes to goodwill, and give toys for tots during the holidays. I’ve learned that communication is the key for your everyday life. By talking to others and explaining to people that conversations can motivates someone to recognize the importance of conversation; It displays discussion amongst individuals that allows them to interact between each other through words, commands, emotions gestures, print, and feelings. Through Communicating amongst others, you can bring out a more positive impact, based on what you see and hear has a vast influence on how...
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