How to Make Spanish Rice

Topics: Rice, Water, Cooking Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: November 24, 2012
How to Make Spanish Rice
Making Spanish rice is a fairly fast and easy process. It involves browning the rice, adding the ingredients, and cooking the rice. Before you begin you will need the following ingredients: cooking oil (vegetable or canola), long grain rice (I prefer Mahatma Jasmine), a tomato, an onion, water, and tomato bullion. The following seasonings are optional: Sazón Goya con azafran, Sazón Goya con culantro/achiote. (found on Mexican food aisle at most grocery stores)You will also need a two quart sauce pan with a lid (a larger pan may be used, but the rice will cook faster, therefore the cooking time will vary), a large spoon, and a gas or electric stove top. You need to take caution not to brown the rice too fast. If you cook the Spanish rice according to the following process, the rice will be soft and moist, with no standing liquid in the pan. First you will need to brown the rice. In order to do this, you will need to add a half cup of cooking oil to a two quart sauce pan (a larger pan will work, but the rice will have more room to cook, therefore it will cook faster and take less time). Next, pre-heat the oil on medium heat for about two minutes. Then add two cups of long grain rice to the pre-heated oil. (I prefer Mahatma Jasmine long grain rice because it cooks fluffier and it looks better) Continue to cook the rice on medium heat, stirring often with a large spoon. While the rice is browning, chop a small tomato and half of a medium onion. When the rice starts to brown, you will need to stir the rice more frequently. The rice will burn if you fail to stir it often or have the heat too high. The rice will be a golden brown color when it is ready for the next process. Browning the rice usually takes about fifteen minutes. The second process is adding the ingredients. First, stir in the chopped onions and tomatoes. Then add five and a half cups of water and stir. Let the water heat, but not to boiling. When the water appears hot, add...
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