How to Make Jell-O

Topics: Demonstration, Water, Boiling Pages: 2 (282 words) Published: November 2, 2010
Charissa Zabala
Public Speaking
Mrs. Gill
September 22, 2010
Demonstration Speech
How to Make Jell-O
General Purpose: To demonstrate
Specific Purpose: To demonstrate to my audience on how to make a simple and sweet dessert of Jell-O. Central Idea: This dessert will leave your taste buds satisfying more than ever. Introduction:
1)Today I will be demonstrating to all of you on how to make a simple and sweet dessert you can eat during a party, gathering, or a little snack that you would like to eat on your own. It is an easy process of dessert making. a.)Transition: Let’s start by gathering our materials.

I.The first step is to bring all your materials together.
A.There are several supplies that are needed to complete this process. 1.Jell-O Powder
2.Measuring cup
B.Some supplies are optional
1.You can also add some fruits to the Jell-O as well.
Transition: Now that we have collected all of the materials needed, we can start cooking. II.The second step is to boil hot water.
A.Boil the hot water up to about two minutes.
B.Poor boiled water into gelatin mix.
C.Stir about 2 minutes until it dissolves.
Transition: Boil two cups of water.
III.The third step is to add cold water.
A.Then, stir to mix it in.
Transition: Mix in 2 cups of cold water.
IV.Then, it is time to refrigerate for 4 hours or at least until firm. Conclusion: There you have it. A perfectly good dessert you can serve to your family and friends.
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