How to Make It in College Essay

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DELA PAZ, Anne DominiqueJuly 17, 2013
1 ChE – A English 111

“How to Make It in College,
Now that you’re here”

There are several things a student needs to consider to survive here in college. First thing is getting good grades. The tip here is to set up a study place, preferably a quiet place where you can really focus on studying. You also need to get into a study frame of mind, that is, when you sit down, you do it with the attitude that you are going to get the studying done. Next tip is to skim the textbook first. One cannot grasp all the contents of the book in just one sitting, so you make yourself familiar with the title, subtitle, headings, pictures, the first and last paragraphs in that lesson in the book. While skimming the textbook, it is also advisable to take down notes on what you are reading and studying. This would help you review the lesson easily afterwards. You can have an effective reviewing by talking to yourself and saying out loud the key points you have to remember. This may sounds silly but many people do it. And if you’ve had enough, you must give up. Your body and brain needs rest and a little pampering will do by giving yourself rewards, like eating your favorite ice cream, watching your favorite TV show or getting enough sleep.

Of course, every student has their responsibilities and most of them are going crazy keeping up with it. There are some ways on how you can make your commitments and responsibilities in place. One way is to have a monthly calendar for your assignments’ due date, projects’ deadline, examination schedule, etc. Marking the calendar will remind you of the things you have to get done before their submission dates. Second, make a study time schedule. An hour of study time for each subject is enough. And make a habit of making “To do list” to tame all those stray thoughts that nag your mind.

If every student has their responsibilities and commitments, surely they have personal problems...
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