how to make ice cream

Topics: Entertainment, Amusement, Food Pages: 3 (573 words) Published: January 10, 2014
How to Entertain
I have always enjoyed entertaining people in
my home. Over the years I have discovered
three requirements to make en
tertaining successful: creating a relaxing atmosphere, providing lots of good food, and having many amusing things to do.
As far as creating a relaxing atmosphere is
concerned, there are many ways to accomplish
this. One way is by inviting guests that are compatible. Another way to provide a relaxing
atmosphere is to make sure that guests have
something in common.
Pleasant conversation is
always a must, and it leads to a most relaxing
atmosphere. Depending on the particular occasion,
it is also possible to add atmosphere with decora
tions such as hats and horns at a birthday party
or ghosts and jack o'lanterns at a Halloween part
y. If I can create an atmosphere that is both
friendly and relaxing, my entertai
ning is off to a good start.
I find my favorite part of entertaining is
preparing a bounty of good f
ood. I love to cook
and experiment with different t
ypes of foods for many different o
ccasions. One of the easiest
types of food preparation for a party is the buffe
t, a dining arrangement featuring a table laden
with plenty of food, organized so
that the guests can walk ar
ound the table from both sides and
fill their plates. I can set up a simple buffet with turkey and roast beef slices, salads, hot vegetables, and succulent desserts.
Coffee and tea or soft drinks
are the common beverages that
are served with a buffet. If I d
ecide to, I can also serve mixed dr
inks. I find it quite a challenge
to try different styles of cooking for parties.
It gives me the opportunity to create new and
different dishes. One of my specialties is a Mexi
can meal of enchiladas, tacos, and refried beans,
served with cold iced tea. Anot
her of my specialties is an Italia
n meal of spaghetti, accompanied
with piping hot garlic bread fresh from the ove
n. This meal can be highlighted by serving a...
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