How to Make Cool Aid

Topics: Ice cube, Flavor, Quart Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: June 12, 2008
Making Some Good Kool-Aid

There’s nothing better then an ice-cold glass of Kool-Aid on a blistering hot day. They say Kool-Aid is one of the easiest things you can make when it’s hot out. However, without the right necessities, this easy recipe would be useless. There are five easy steps to making this grimy powder into a tasty, wet, cool, concoction.

First, picking the right flavor is vital to your Kool-Aid. Having the wrong flavor at the end is always disappointing. There’s no point in making a batch of Kool-Aid and nobody drinks it. But there are wide ranges of flavors to choose from, ranging from grape to cherry, or even more extravagant flavors, such as, tropical blue Hawaiian, or Mountain Berry Punch. There are an abundance of flavors with many more being added monthly. If having trouble choosing a flavor try to get something that you are already fond of so you know what is expected.

After choosing the best flavor that qualifies for your taste, the next step is to gather up material needed for the mixing and making process of the Kool-Aid. Find a plastic jug or container that can fit up to two quarts of water. Any sort of container or jar works as long as it can accommodate two quart’s. Next, find a long mixing spoon of some sort, a measuring cup, a bag of sugar, and a water source. If you don’t have a mixing spoon, any clean stick around 12” inches will work. After finding all the material, get ready to start mixing.

Third, take a hold of the best Kool-Aid packet (preferred taste). Gently squeeze your thumb and index finger together clinching the top of the Kool-Aid packet. Ever so gently, not to spill any, remove the top of the package. Next, take the plastic container or jug and empty the contents of the package inside. Then after emptying the solution into the container, measure two cups of sugar and dump them into the container. Make sure that the measuring cup is used, as you don’t want your drink to be too sweet. Next, comes one of the...
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