How to Make an Ice Cream

Topics: Milk, Water, Cream Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: November 11, 2008
Ever wonder how long it takes to make your favorite ice cream? It’ll take at least five hours to finish a homemade ice cream. People usually buy ice cream in grocery stores, but making one could be really fun. It’s not that hard to make ice cream because it only takes a little time. Actually, making ice cream is as easy and enjoyable as eating it.

There are nine easy steps to make a delicious ice cream. First one is to get a large bowl and pour warm water in it. Add one teaspoon of unflavored gelatin and blend it very well with your balloon stainless steel whisk. You’ll need two cups of fresh milk. Mix one cup together with a quarter cup of sweet honey. By this time, you can now sense the aroma of the honey spreading the area. The next step is to put the rest of the fresh milk along with a cup of evaporated milk, and mix it again. Once you’re done, put the contents in the freezing compartment of your refrigerator. Leave it in the freezer for two hours or until it is very hard. Might as well relax or watch television with your favorite show in the mean time. After your break, put it out and beat the mixture with a whisk, again, to make it soft and frothy. Mix the nuts and stir it lightly. You may use fruits if you prefer a healthier diet. And put it again in the freezer and leave it there for another two hours. Once it is frozen, take the ice cream out and serve it to your family or friends.

These are the steps to make homemade ice cream. It is actually quick and easy. It may looks like there are many procedures but it’s just full of fun and excitement. In my opinion, this is a good activity to do with your friends or your family because this will develop your closeness with the one you love.
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