How to Maintain Higher GPA

Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: March 23, 2011
How to Maintain Higher GPA
First of all, to maintain a higher GPA is to want it myself which is the most important step as well. Scoring higher GPS is not easy however, with the effort derived from wanting it badly, the urge to study and to do well academically is higher. In other words, wanting a higher GPA needs excellent organization. Some planner, assignment book or an organizer helps a lot by keeping track in everything such as assignments, tests, exams and projects.

Secondly, attending classes on regular basis is as important. Lectures and other activities organized by the course I’m taking would be helpful in areas I’m not familiar in as well as subjects I’m weak in. Besides that, missing out classes not only gives a bad impression to the education board but also it’s a disadvantage to me as I won’t be getting any important points from lecturers. Other than that, classmates might not want to share any information due to my absence to classes. Hence, showing up for classes is significant for aiming a higher GPA.

Next, time management is also very crucial for me to obtain higher GPA. It is very important to put aside any other activities and distractions to focus on studies. Then, by setting a specific time along with the amount of study period each day or week works best in a way to stay on the right track with each and every subject set in course. However, putting other activities aside doesn’t mean I don’t have to involve in extracurricular such as sports, drama, music or chess. These extracurricular help the brain to function actively in studies by relaxing the mind in times of stress. Therefore, time management for both studies and extracurricular is significant for maintaining higher GPA.

Besides that, a study group is helpful for me. Forming and/or joining a study group with classmates or other friends could contribute much to me by exchanging knowledge, similarities and differences. I must understand my strengths and weaknesses beforehand,...
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