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How to Learn Igbo Language

By ANYANELE Apr 13, 2011 2164 Words
The driving force of any culture is the language. Culture is meaningless without language and a man or woman without culture is lost indeed. In spite of the repeated clamour for assimilation in the new world, most immigrant parents yearn for their children to have some cultural identity. Their most important tool is language and yet, their greatest challenge is finding effective teaching methods.

This ebook and the accompanying Interactive Software provides a modern approach to interactive teaching of Yoruba language and it’s nuances in the context of play and entertainment that most diaspora children are familiar with. It’s simplicity, practicality and attention to individual progress has personally impressed me. I have no doubt that your children and wards will now be able to have a meaningful conversation with you and their grand parents in the next 27 days.


Igbo language is the native language of the Igbo people. Igbo people are the 3rd largest ethnic group in Nigeria. The Igbo people live in the Southern Nigeria and are made up of about 40,000,000 people. Igbo people are mainly Christians with some of them being Moslems and a handful of them African Traditional worshippers. Igbo people are the economic pillar of Nigeria, and are very industrious, adventurous and enterprising. In the and West African, and indeed the entire Africa, in all the big cities, any where you see 10 people, 8 of them are Igbo. There are the movers of towns and developers of cities. In Nigeria and indeed Africa, no business thrives in the absence of an Igbo man, a good knowledge of Igbo language is very necessary for you to get things done with less stress in any part of Nigeria and Africa.

The Concept of Language
The Babylon Dictionary defines language, body of spoken or written words with which people communicate thoughts and feelings; specialized vocabulary; nonverbal means of communication (system of symbols, etc.); manner in which a person writes or speaks; manner in which animals communicate. The Wikipedia, encyclopedia defined language as a dynamic set of visual, auditory or tactile symbols of communication and the elements used to manipulate them. Language can also refer to the use of such systems as a general phenomenon. Language is considered to be an exclusively human mode of communication and interaction.

The Encarta (2009), defines language as communication with words: the human use of spoken or written worlds as a communication system. From the above definitions, we can see that language is an instrument for human communication and is universal to all men on earth. Language is very vital for human transactions and interaction. It is the pivot of every business undertaking and is the language of human relationship. Language is a sine qua non for human effective existence the world over, hence every tribe, people, race or at times nations do their best to have one language or the other that will portray their identity in the committee of nations and t the same time help them stabilize their unity as a people, nation or race.

The importance of language can not be over-emphasized as we know that language is vital for all human transactions in all aspects of human endevour. Azikiwe (1998) says that language is a means of social control and one of the major variables that distinguish man from the lower animals, all forms of business transactions, sports, and information dissemination will not be effective in the absence of language. Hence every human race does every thing within its power to preserve, sustain and develop their language for posterity. LANGUAGE SITUATION IN NIGERIA

Nigeria as a nation is made many linguistic groups with their socio-cultural and political ideologies. As a multilingual society, the colonial masters saw the imposition of their language as the easiest and most functional means of communication and control of the country and from there. The English language was accorded the language of official transaction in all aspects of Nigerian life, commence, sports, politics, religion academic, law and all aspects of life in Nigeria. The political elites on independence because of the problems and dangers of imposing one indigenous language group- or the other to all other linguistic groups in the nation decided to adopt the English language as the Lingua franca of the nation, hence the major language of communication in the country. But at the years goes by, the people saw the need to have and integrate their indigenous language to help further unify the state as noted by Dunji (1989) that for national and economic stability, to learn another Nigerian language in addition to one’s mother tongue will be an immense advantage as man reaches not the excellence with one tongue. Anyanele (2000) buttressed the idea when he asserted that the acquisition of other Nigerian Languages will go a long way to fostering the much needed national unity and cohesion as there is joy in hearing one speak in one’ native tongue.

The above reasons informed the position of Nigeria that she sought for her own indigenous language. But how can she choose a language out of over 400 indigenous languages as reported by Bamgbose (1976) and each looks itself as superior? Series of consultation and study were made which later ended up in the selection of the three mostly spoken languages otherwise called major languages. (Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba), indigenous languages. The policy was enshrined in the 1979 national policy of education. The policy later was revised in 1981 and stated clearly in the 1998 edition of national policy on education section 1:8 that

Each child should be encouraged to learn one of the three major languages other than his own mother tongue. In this connection, the government considers the three major languages in Nigeria to be Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba, with this policy, Nigeria now has three indigenous National Languages of her own. The 1998 language policy also incorporated the French language in the official language of Nigeria. The policy explains that the inclusion of the French language is for effective communication with our French neighbours and other Franco phone countries in African and the world. With this language policy, Nigeria now has two foreign official languages and three indigenous languages the question has been since hen, how far has the nation achieved the objectives of her national languages including the much desired national unity an cohesion? To what extent has the policy contributed to stabilizing the unity of Nigeria? To many Nigerians, these indigenous languages are not doing enough to bring the much desired national unity to the nation. For many scholars, the road to achieve the above objectives is still very far and will need an Olympic expert to get there in the expected time, and to many patriot Nigerians, there is still good reason and hope that our indigenous languages can still attain her objective especially as it pertains to achieving the much desired national unity for the country. Addition, the role of Nigerian languages in conflict resolutions will go along way in helping the country to achieve her much desired national unity and cohesion, hence, there is every need for al Nigerians to begin to do their best to help promote our national languages and there by explore and exploit its potentials in conflict resolutions in our great nation within the diverse ethnic groups. The above position informed the study of Igbo language in all the high institutions in Nigeria. • From the above, you can see that every Nigerian and even you the foreigner who intends to live or do business or visit Nigeria as a visitor for one thing or the other needs a working knowledge of Igbo language as one of Nigerian’s indigenous languages.


• You, an Igbo man, born in Igbo territory or outside the borders of Igbo land, but now living outside Igbo land, needs to know how to speak your father’s language even there in a foreign land. • Your children born there; in U.S.A, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, etc and other European, African and Asian countries need to speak Igbo language the next time they come to the villa in Nigeria. They need an identity and know about their father’s culture. • Do you know that grand papa and grand mama will smile and live longer for you living out there, when next you return home with your kids and the kids born out there in oversea greet them in their local language? • Do you also know that your kids born there in America, Brtiain etc will be very happy to learn how to speak Igbo as their father’s native language? • Do know that for security reasons, the knowledge of Igbo language can save your life? • Do you also know that you may foul the next dupe with your little Knowledge of Igbo language when next you are in Nigeria? • You mighty be saved the next embarrassment in Nigerian because you can speak Igbo language. You will be loved more because you can speak the Igbo language. • Are you a missionary or government official sent to Igbo land, your ability to say Ndewonu O! Will make a big difference. • Infact, the knowledge of Igbo language, culture and life of the Igbo people will interest you and make life easier for you in any part of African. • Do you know that Igbo people are spread all over Africa, America, Asia, Europe and the world?, hence there is no town you will go in the world without seeing an Igbo man who mighty render a helping hand? • Do you know that there is a strong relationship between Igbo people and the Middle East? • Do you know that the Igbo people are related to Israel and Egypt? • Do you want to know the original history of Igbo people of Southern Nigeria? • Do you want to marry an Igbo man or Igbo woman? Then, you need a little Igbo language to realize your dream • Do you know that it is very easy and simple to learn Igbo language? • Do you know that you can learn Igbo language on line and learn to speak goo Igbo within 3 months? • Do you know that you can learn how to cook and enjoy Igbo food online? • Do you also know that we can courier Igbo food to you in any part of the world and also teach you how to prepare them? • Do you have friends among the Igbo people? Then your ability to speak a little Igbo with them will strongly strengthen the relationship and keep you going.

So, if the above questions concern you, if you really wish to be known as Igbo man, then I am here to help you achieve your objective. I am here to teach you how to speak Igbo Language and be a proficient Igbo language speaker within 3 months of serious online studies. I have been teaching Igbo language (L2), for the past 15 years in Federal College of Education, Obudu, and Cross River State, Nigeria. I have been an Igbo language scholar since 1987. You can see my profile to tell you that you are in the right site for your dream to speak Igbo language or to teach your children Igbo language no matter where you are on the earth. The ICT has made this kind of learning possible. Grab it now and get the best out of it!! You can as well tell your Igbo neighbours about this online Igbo language study today. Contact me with the following address now:


Lesson one
Igbo language has seen many orthographies, but the one widely accepted called the official Igbo Orthography is called Onwu Orthography. It got Governmnet approval in 1961. It is made up of thirty-six (36) letters, and has twenty-eight (28) consonants and eight (8) vowels. It also contains nine diagraphs (double consonants), two syllabic nasals and four nasals. We will now discuss them below:


a((( ( udamfe - light vowels)
eiou (udaume aro – heavy vowels)



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