How to Keep Your Organization Fresh and on the Cutting Edge

Topics: Strategic management, Employment, Strategic planning Pages: 4 (1080 words) Published: June 6, 2013
How to Keep Your Organization Fresh and On the Cutting Edge
Malynda Burdett, BSN, PHN
HRM 531
April 3, 2013
Professor Antonio F. Vianna

How to Keep Your Organization Fresh and On the Cutting Edge
How does a growing organization keep the beat, stay on top, and maintain an edge above the competitor? By analyzing the benefits of hiring employees from an external milieu, the reader will have a better insight to the advantages of this endeavor. This graduate student will discuss data collected to support why an organization should seek candidates from an external milieu and how this will benefit the organization. The value of hiring employees from the external milieu is a method to scintillate, inspire, and allow a natural process of current employees to seek growth in their perspective arenas (Sullivan, Sept). Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is planning that encompasses the vision of a business throughout the entire life of the business and an ongoing process of evaluating strengths, weaknesses while developing strategies to maintain excellence (Cascio, 2010). Strategic planning is the driving force upon what will keep the business from becoming a past moment. As a business is continually, growing and changing with the culture and global arena the business must continue to add excellence in the way of new ideas, leadership, and preparing for the future. Hiring the right employees with the work ethics, fortitude to support the business plan, and vision is imperative to maintaining a successful company (2010). External Advantages

External advantages of hiring employees may manifest is different aspects. The business can hear the positive effect of an external voice, as they are bringing new ideas to the table (Sullivan, Sept). When positions are becoming available the current employees will often think the positions will be filled internally and immediately begin prospecting who will fill the vacant or newly opened position. If...

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