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How to Keep Our Environment Free from Plastic Waste

By elviahilda Sep 17, 2013 424 Words
Speech : How to Keep Our Environment Free from Plastic Waste How to Keep Our Environment Free from Plastic Waste
Good morning to our lecturer, Mdm Zaritha and all of my friends. Thanks for the time that given to me. In this precious time, I would like to deliver my speech entitled “ How to Keep Our Environment Free from Plastic Waste”. My fellow friends

As we all know, plastic is one of the harmful rubbish. It can damage our environment. Plastic is chemical substance that is long lasting. If plastic stored in the soil so it can decrease the soil fertility. But if the plastic rubbish is burnt, it can cause air pollution. In the burning process, plastic produces carbon monoxide. If that substance pollutes the air, it can cause many kinds of diseases such as asthma, lungs disease, and heart disease. Plastic is the world’s first waste problem. But as the era development, plastic production is getting more because of the today’s life demand that want everything to be more practical and instant. I really hope that in the future, we can reduce the usage of pastic. If you have plastic rubbish, please separate the rubbish with the organic rubbish. Because organic rubbish is useful for soil. It may use as compost fertilizer. It can make soil fertile. Meanwhile another way to handle plastic rubbish is not by throwing or burning this waste arbitrarily. Do your best like recycle this waste. With your creativity you can create and use plastic waste from the river. If you want, you can do it from now. For instance, by decreasing the plastic usage. If you go shopping at department store or market, you can bring your own bag that can be re-used. Refuse to use plastic bags. My lovely friends

If you have good creativity, you can use plastic waste to make more money. You can create artistic and useful thing from plastic waste. For example you can make bag, wallet, kite, slipper and so on from plastic waste. With a little creativity and willingness to keep our environment, you can transform plastic waste into something useful. Finally, I would like to conclude my speech. Hopefully let’s keep our environment from plastic waste. We can start from ourselves by limiting the usage of plastic. If you meet plastic rubish on the street please take it and throw it into the rubbish bin. You can also recycle the plastic waste. And about my mistake my trouble you please forgive me. Thank a lot for the attention.

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