how to influence your friends

Topics: How to Win Friends and Influence People, Organizational studies, Person Pages: 5 (1512 words) Published: November 14, 2013
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Creation of relationships in an organization is essential and requires individuals with distinguished character traits. Individuals need to be keen on their choice of friends in either the work place or any other area. This is necessary for building harmonious relationships between people of diverse cultures, leading to increased productivity. Winning friends and influencing people is the principal element require by all leaders to enhance the behavior of individuals together with the organizational interactions. The principal concern of this essay is on winning friends and influencing people. It comprises of several theories of organizational behavior applied in the book. In addition, it involves a chosen and researched premises found in the book. Further, there is justification of the study carried out. Finally, is a recommendation of the lessons learned in the book by others individuals. Overview of “how to win friends & influence people”

Carnegie Dale is the writer of the book “how to win friends & influence people”. This book looks down to portray how human beings win and influence others. The protagonist characters in the book are Simon and Schuster. It is through the protagonist in the book that Carnegie reveals the existing organizational behavioral theories. Carnegie wins particular individuals attracted to the book through various strategies necessary when one needs to be closer to them. The book illustrates the primary purpose of the author, which is modification of individuals’ behavior in order to win them or influence them into performing other tasks. Carnegie states that individuals should apply for job opportunities. After submitting the applications, they should gain the desire on the job and look forward to getting it (job). The book also makes people have a perception on how possible it is to get jobs of their (individual) desires. It also stresses on the value of improving a specific job opportunity once one is under an employment. Carnegie suggests how individuals may improve the job and this is through depicting on the current situation that one is experiencing. The situation here works as a guideline to the performance of tasks involved in the job. Further, the book lays down different ways used when desiring to win over a person. It also specifies ways that one has to use in order to be admirable. Finally, the book outlines ways of imparting change on people without generating resistance. Application of the book “how to win friends and influence people” The book is important because of several reasons as stated by Carnegie. For instance, it helps in improving managerial ways of administration. This is because it acts as guide to individuals with the responsibility of managing others (especially employees or lower level staffs). It helps individuals acquire tactics on how to manage ones personal life. The book is significant in that it helps individuals to acquire more knowledge regarding to how life works and how to link individual relationships with those (relationship) of other individuals. Concepts of organizational behavior

Organizational behavior refers to the way individual workers and other employees in a certain group tend to behave within the environment of the organization. Various organizational concepts seek to modify the behavior portrayed by some employees through turning it (behavior) to be of value in their performance. The concepts help bring an understanding of the reasons why individual characters behave in different ways. This involves several concepts, which are the principal determinants of the behavior that people display in the organizations. Organizational behavior concepts applied by Carnegie

The various organizational concepts as applied by Carnegie are of significance when hoping to have the ability to win and influence other individuals. This necessitates managers to use rewards especially positive rewards to...
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