How to Increase Job Satisfaction in Workplace

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Goal Pages: 8 (2275 words) Published: April 30, 2009

Organizational Behaviour
ORGB 2110

Group 3

Problem Statement

How can the company improve motivation and organization justice for employees in workplace?


1) The employees have feelings of job insignificance; they have expressed this view numerous times amongst co-workers. 2) Constructive feedback needs to be implemented with an emphasis on positive reinforcement and employee motivation 3) Reward and performance structure is skewed in favor of regional employment; rewards are not linked to job performance.

In this analysis, we will be looking at the level of employee motivation and organizational justice. Motivation refers to the force within a person that affects the direction, intensity, and persistence of voluntary behaviour. When referring to employees in this company, particularly Susan, we need to examine whether they are willing to exert a particular level of effort, for a certain amount of time and toward a particular goal. These individual behaviours and performances can determine the level of employee engagement and, as a result, affect the company’s competitiveness in the market. Organizational justice also plays an important role in increasing an employee’s motivation when they recognise that they are being treated fairly. Alternatives

The organization must present an environment that motivates individuals to grow, and gives them the opportunity to achieve this growth. Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory states humans need to meet specific needs in order to reach a higher state of needs threshold. The first need everyone must achieve (as outlined in the theory) is physiological needs, these include necessities such as water and air. The second and third levels are safety/belongingness, which incorporate the necessity of having a safe environment to prosper in and achieve love, affection and interaction with others. When all three of these needs are met humans move onto a level of esteem, whereby one searches for personal achievement through recognition and respect from others. Lastly, the culmination of these basic needs is fulfilled in the fifth step called self-actualization; this is an infinite growth stage where people attempt to realize their own self-potential. By using Maslow’s Need Hierarchy theory we can see that the fifth step in the needs hierarchy is crucial in motivating employees and increasing job satisfaction. If employees are unable to reach self-actualization their motivation may decrease. Disadvantages- Maslow’s Theory does not have indefinite scientific support, while further being unable to account for regression within the need structure. Also, the theory is not universal; rather it varies from individual to individual.

# 2
Four Drive Theory needs to be looked at as well. Essentially the theory attempts to explain what drives employees and motivates them towards greater efficiency and diligence within the work place. The theory outlines four essential drives; the drive to acquire, the drive to bond, the drive to learn, and the drive to defend. Within this specific case, employees need to be able to learn new skills, and acquire further rewards. If they are not given these opportunities, employees may lack the status and recognition that are essential motivating characteristics. The main conclusion of the four drive theory is that these drives must constantly be fulfilled equally. However, Susan and her co-workers are not receiving feedback or positive recognition from the organization (Mr. James), thus the opportunities to achieve these fundamental drives are not being met. Susan and her co-workers need to be recognized by the organization for their hard work, while they are given the opportunity to grow within the organization and to acquire new rewards. Disadvantage: The four drive theory ignores the fact that the needs can be strengthened through learning and it demonstrates...
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