How To Identify Ghosts

Topics: Paranormal, Ghost hunting, Ghost Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: November 18, 2014
How to identify Ghosts

According with Alastair Agnew, member of the Ghost club in London, there are certain factors that allows us to recognize the presence of ghosts, which I will explain bellow.
First of all, society thinks that a ghost is a semitransparent figure that can walk through the walls, but that is not quite right. This description correspond to interpretations of ghosts and according to Alastair, a ghost is more than that. He acknowledge that a ghost looks like a grey old man, but he rectifies that they can walk through the walls, and the main reason for that is because when they were alive, the walls meant that they existed.

On the other hand, we have the physical manifestations, which for the living people, are related to ghosts; for example: noises, footsteps, and moaning sounds that we usually use to imitate one. Alastair affirms that all those sounds, including the sound of laughter, crying, even the noise of music, are all involved with ghost signals. One popular explanation of this sound phenomena is the “stone tape” theory. This theory explains that some buildings absorb the sound and then play them back, like a tape recorder, and the same theory is used to explain the smells which we can perceive when ghosts are around.

Alastair, and some other members of the ghosts club, are not agree with this theory, because for them, this phenomena does not explain the real existence of ghosts. The theory cannot explain also why some people, have marks in their bodies when nobody is around.

In addition, according to Alastair, there are some people that is more sensitive to ghosts, these people usually live in very old houses where were committed suicides, murders or car crashes. For Alastair, all live people can perceive ghosts, but some people is more likely to attract paranormal activity. Pets are good indicators to paranormal activity; dogs, cats even hamsters.

Finally, I must include that ghosts are not what live people expected and is...
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