How to Have a Healthy and Beautiful Skin

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Physical Appearance Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: June 18, 2013
How to have Healthy and Beautiful skin
Skin is an important part of our body which protects against heat, sunlight, injury and an infection. Also, it is one of the first things that a person looks at when he o she meets another person. In other words, the first impression is the quality of his or her skin, and this is because our skin is the most visible aspect of our physical appearance. Healthy and beautiful skin is a good indication of the overall level of health and fitness, so we have to take care of it. There are several steps to have healthy and beautiful skin including: eating healthy, visiting the dermatologist and exercising. To get flawless and healthy skin is recommendable to follow these steps. First of all, you are what you eat, and incorporating healthy food like vegetables, fruits, grains, and protein will benefit your skin. For example, Vitamin C helps to heal existing pimples faster. This means that eating a few servings of things like citrus fruits help. A second example, it is good to reduce salty foods because eating too much salt can make your skin looks bloated. Besides, drink water clears your skin and make it glow because it makes it easier for your body to flush out toxins quickly, so it is recommendable to take six to eight glasses of water per day. Another step is to visit a dermatologist when you do not have your problem under control because he or she can prescribe serious treatments. Finally, exercise gives your skin a luminosity aspect because cardio stimulates the blood flow. In brief, it is clear that skin is essential to have good health. Eating healthy, visiting the dermatologist and exercising are ways to maintain healthy skin. For these reasons you should be attentive to the needs of your skin. Do not forget that our skin depends on it.
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