How to Give Instructions
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Lesson Plan

Function: Give instruction
Structure: Imperative verb forms
Grade: 1st
Level: Lower-Intermediate
* To learn certain imperatives (touch, close, clap, tap, comb, open, listen,show, nod ) * To learn body parts (nose, eyes, hands, toe, ears, hair, mouth, head, teeth) * To give instruction


* To get familiar with certain imperatives and body parts * To learn the pronunciation of verbs and body parts
1.The teacher comes to class and greets the students.
2.The teacher says that they are going to learn imperative verb forms and body parts.
3.The teacher says all the imperatives and show the body parts.When she says touch tour nose, the teacher touch her nose and the students are supposed to touch theirs.
4.The students do the same movements and says the imperatives as teacher does.

* to learn imperatives with a song * to practice imperatives and body parts with a song * to learn imperatives in a joyful way.


1.The teacher says the students that she would sing a song and perform this song and wants the students watch her performans. Touch your nose (the teacher touches her nose)
Listen to the music and touch your nose
Show your teeth (the teacher showes her teeth)
Listen to the music and show your teeth
Clap your hands (the teacher claps her hands)
Listen to the music and clap your hands
Close your eyes (the teacher closes her eyes)
Listen to the music and close your eyes
Open your mouth (the teacher openes her mouth)
Listen to the music and open your mouth
Comb your hair (the teacher combs her hair)
Listen to the music and comb your hair
Tap your toe (the teacher taps her toe)
Listen to the music and tap your toe
Nod your head (the teacher nods her head)
Listen to the music and nod your head
Show your ears (the teacher shows her ears)
Listen to the music and show your ears

2.The teacher wants

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