How to Get Good Grades

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How to Get Good Grades
Pay attention to your instructor's teaching style and use the same method to learn the information. If they write on the blackboard, take notes; if they lecture, listen hard or record the lecture to listen to multiple times.

Ask for help.
your teacher is always happy to help you. Ask after class or in an e-mail for assistant

Keep a calendar
Whether it's a day planner you carry in your backpack, a calendar on your wall at home, or a to-do list you make at the end of every day, it can help you keep track of when assignments are due and stay organized

Take notes on everything
it can help you remember the information.

remember assignment first
Set yourself goals and make sure you reach them before you go out and party.

Keep track of your grades
You won't get a high score if you don't aim for one

Get a good night's rest
You need sleep in order to stay focused, and without it, you will have a hard time staying on task and may forget what you just learned.

Eat a good, healthy breakfast everyday. It is known that if students eat a good and healthy breakfast every morning, they generally get good grades and are able to focus better in school.

Remove all distractions. it may be okay to listen to music while doing simple work, it is best to be in a quiet environment, preferably alone. Make sure you have plenty of space and good lighting. Turn off the TV.

Sometimes it helps if you reward yourself. if you've gotten good grades, take a day off of studying.

look up extra information about anything you're studying. It will help increase your understanding of the information,
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