How to Freeze a Taro Root
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How to Freeze Taro Root
A large tuberous vegetable, taro has white flesh and an earthy taste somewhat like potato and somewhat like chestnut. Toxic when raw, taro requires cooking before eating. Taro flesh turns gray, purplish-red or yellow during cooking. You may use taro in just about any recipe that calls for potatoes. Always serve taro hot because it undergoes an unpleasant texture change as it gets cold.
Step 1
Wash and peel the taro. Wear gloves or oil your hands well for this task because taro skin contains an irritant that you want to keep off your skin. Cut the taro into 1 1/2-inch chunks.
Step 2
Bring one gallon of water to a boil in a large pot.
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Step 3
Place up to one pound of taro into a wire basket. If you want to freeze more than that, do it in subsequent one-pound batches. Lower the taro into vigorously boiling water. Cover the pot and allow the water to return to boiling.
Step 4
Boil the taro over high heat for exactly five minutes.
Step 5
Put a pound of ice into a sink or basin while the taro is boiling. Add about a half a gallon of cold water.
Step 6
Lift the basket from the pot, allow the boiling water to drain out and then plunge the basket into the ice water. You may want to toss some ice right into the basket with the taro, mixing or tossing so all the pieces come into contact with the ice water. Add more cold water as needed. Your goal is to cool the taro completely in five minutes.
Step 7
Drain the cooled taro thoroughly. Place it in freezer bags. Seal the bags and put them the freezer immediately.
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