How To Find Success In IB Biology

Topics: International Baccalaureate, Psychometrics, Unit testing Pages: 2 (948 words) Published: June 3, 2015
Shahamat Chowdhury
How to find success in IB Biology
The International Baccalaureate program offers many classes in the vast majority of SL and HL credits with the program and does so with the science section of the program. There are many different HL science classes that can be taken in IB but here at Edison, there are only two classes offered once you become a senior who is looking to take an HL science class. The two choices are HL Physics and HL Biology. Both are arguably the toughest IB classes offered at Edison as the workload and the amount of studying that needs to take place each day for both classes is crucial.

Now that you have chosen IB Biology, there is much you need to know about this class as it is set up as a college level course that is in no way a walk in the park kind of class. There are many factors that go into your IB Biology grade from labs to small activities to unit test (which there are over 17 of those). The idea of retakes is a no-no in IB Biology so you only get one shot on each of these Unit Test and after that the only way to improve the grade on it is to do test corrections but even then it is quite the climb to improve your grade if you are solely relying on test corrections to balance your test scores out. Tips for Students

1.) During the course of the year, IB Biology will be throwing unit after unit at you and it is pivotal that you as a student stay in charge of each unit. At the beginning of each unit, you will be given a unit sheet that covers the gist of the unit’s exam at the end of the unit. It is important to study the unit sheet EVERYDAY and have a pretty good idea of what the unit is about and the sections of the unit that will be on the test. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PUT YOUR UNIT SHEET AWAY AND NOT LOOK AT IT TILL THE NIGHT BEFORE THE EXAM. A cram session will do you no good in IB Biology. 2.) The essay questions for the test are also on the unit sheet. In order to get full marks on the essay, you...
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