How to Fight with Style

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Fighting has been around since the beginning of time. Genesis, the first book of the Bible, records the fight between Cain and Abel. The Battle of Megiddo is the earliest battle recorded where Pharaoh led 10,000 men to fight against The King of Kadesh and his followers because a rebellion broke out. Nevertheless fighting will be part of our culture since there will always be conflict and disagreement. How one deals with these obstacles determines if they fight with style.

Fighting is just a part of nature, even animals do it. Lions, sharks, and tigers all come to mind when thinking of great fighters of the animal kingdom. All these predators fight and kill to survive, otherwise they would seize to exist. When a lion goes to attack its prey the fear of dying motivates the lion to successfully carry out the fight. Us humans are not much different, our fears can arise from struggling to survive as well. Our struggle for survival could be directly correlated with our hunt for food or as a fight to keep those closest to us content. Whatever it may be, there is reason behind why we fight.

Strategy and planning is essential to win a fight. All wars and fights in the past have had some type of plan to follow through to win a fight. The Spartan empire knew how to win a fight, only because they trained and managed their soldiers since they were infants. Spartan men grew to be the greatest soldiers because the government executed proper strategy and planning to achieve a flawless military. Martial arts fighters train to get stronger, faster, and smarter; so when the time comes they are ready to take on the opponent that comes in contact with them. No matter how long or how hard one trains, the core of fighting is traced back to some type of frustration whether it be anger, disagreement, fear, jealousy, ridicule, etc.

A fighter must be able to keep calm and channel their anger directly at their opponent. Although the sole purpose of a fight is to win, fighting...
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