How to Field a Ground Ball

Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: November 8, 2010
How to Field a Ground Ball

Baseball, America’s favorite past time. Everybody has watched it and has seen a baseball player field a ground ball. They make it look effortless almost like there is nothing to it. Well there is more than meets the untrained eye and this will instruct you on how to field a ground ball. You will need the following: glove, baseballs, bat, a friend to hit you grounders, and a baseball field.

First you will need a glove. A smaller glove is better to have in the infield because it is easier to get the ball out of the glove. A glove is no good if you don’t know how to use it. You want to try to keep your glove on the ground the whole time the ball is coming at you. A good tip to know is it is easier to move your glove from the ground up than it is from your chest to the ground. You want you use your free hand, right handed people use your left hand and left handed people use your right hand. The free hand is also called “top hand” because your free hand goes over the top of your glove to keep the ball from coming up our of the glove causing you to miss the ground ball. To get your glove on the ground it is better to bend the knees instead of the back for the simple reason that it gives you the ability to stand up if the ball takes a bad hop. You also need to know how to have soft hands in a glove once the ball comes into the glove you want to pull your glove into your belly and this causes a cushion for the ball.

Baseballs would be the second thing you would need to learn how to field a ground ball. Baseballs would be the best thing to use because it gives you an “in game experience” for fielding ground balls. You can also you other types such as tennis balls and wiffle balls. (The only reason you would use these types for drill work such as soft hands, and taking ground balls with no glove on.) Either way you need any type of ball to take ground balls.

Third of all you need a bat, a bat or a fungo; A bat is used to hit ground...
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