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How to Jump Start a Car with Style
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Cell phone batteries die and when they do, it is very easy to recharge it. All you do is find an outlet, plug it in, and charge your phone. Everyone is very cautious about their phone’s battery percentage but why not about their car’s. It is very common that one day you will find yourself needing a jump start to your car. The average battery life of a car last between 2 and 5 years. Signs of a dead battery are; the car not starting, beeping when you try to start the car, and the battery icon near the speedometer blinking or on. Not everyone can afford auto services or road side assistances such as AAA so they must resort to doing it themselves. Every day people get in their cars, disregard the car health icons, and drive off. One day you will need a jump start and it could possibly be at a very inconvenient time. In this essay I’m not only going to explain to you how to jump start a car, I'm going to explain to you how to do it with style. I will explain the materials you will need, safety hazards to be aware of, and of course how to jump start a car, with style. Jump starting a car can be very dangerous when done incorrectly. If done incorrectly you may be electrocuted by 12 volts of electricity. Although the voltage is not high enough to kill you, you can still obtain very serious injuries. You can result with 3rd degree burns to your skin, brain contusion, or even ejection from your position. When jump starting a car with style it is always recommended wearing glove for extra layers of protection. Safety glasses to prevent a flying spark hitting you in the eye. You should take off all finger and wrist jewelry to prevent an accidental touch and connection of electricity flow to your body. Sleeves should be rolled up to prevent the chance of your sleeves getting caught on any part of the car. Always be aware and attentive with your actions. Serious injuries can be prevented by following all safety rules....
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