How to Drive a Stick Shift

Topics: Manual transmission, Automobile pedal, Automatic transmission Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: December 10, 2010
How to Drive a Stick Shift
Starting the car with a bright smile on my face. Feeling absolutely confident. I released the hand brake and immediately hit the brakes in attempt to stop the car. My heartbeat began to increase as I started to think what I should do next. As the car stood in the middle of the road I visualized my dad driving the car. Taking three deep breaths I quickly released the brake again and pressed on the clutch and shifted to first. As I cruised in the neighborhood feeling proud I saw a hand in the air, as it got closer I realized it was my dad demanding me to park the car. Though my dad hammered me verbally for stealing the car while he was asleep, I had a smile on my face because that day I had learned how to drive a manual car. Driving a stick shift may look easy at first but it’s anything but. Practicing is the key, which may perhaps facilitate the car to run as smooth as an automatic. There are several steps, which need to be taken into account before driving a manual car. In order to have an excellent start there are a few things to keep in mind. The car consists of three pedals, five gears, and the hand brake. The first pedal to the left is the clutch, which needs to be pressed in order to change a gear. The brake pedal is in the center, and lastly the pedal to the right is the accelerator. Take deep breaths and relax, focus on the car. Release the handbrakes keeping the brake pedal pressed. Using the left foot press the clutch and using the right hand change into first gear, which is the gear on the top left corner. Slowly, free the brake pedal and keep the left foot on the clutch. Using the right foot begin pressing the accelerator gently. Keep an eye on the RPM, as the needle exceeds one RPM gradually let go of the clutch leaving the left foot to rest and press the accelerator further. As the car begins to move faster, concentrate on the sound of the car and at the same time look at the RPM. Once the engine begins to get loud and...
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