How to Drive a Manual Transmission

Topics: Automobile, Manual transmission, Driving Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: December 3, 2013
How to drive a car with a manual transmission

General Purpose:
To Inform

Specific Purpose:
At the end of my speech, the audience should be able to attempt to learn to drive a standard and build their skills enough to be confident in driving one daily.

Central Idea:
Knowing the basics of manual transmission operation, also reasons and benefits to driving one.

Most of us drive around big heavy cars that seat five when we rarely have more than two. In the United States we are lazy. 88% Of Vehicles made in 1999 were automatics and 91% by 2004. In Europe 80-90% of their cars are standards. I hope to get everyone considering driving them so I'm going to talk to you about why we should all know how to drive a standard, the basics of driving a standard, and what the benefits of driving one are.

Main Points:
1.Why we should all Know how to Drive a Standard
2.Basics of Driving a Standard
3.Benefits of Driving a Standard

I. Why we should all know how to drive a standard.
A. If your car is blocked by someone in the family with a standard.
B. If your a passenger and the driver is feeling too ill or tired to drive.
C. If you go out of the country and get a rental.
D. You might grow to enjoy driving much more than usual.
E. If you ever want to ride a motorcycle you will learn much faster.
F. In an emergency it may be necessary.

II. Basics of Driving a Standard
A. Learn how to start it safely Video 1
B. Learn where the gears are including reverse (Some are weird) Video 2
C. Get car rolling with no gas just clutch Video 3
D. Smoothly use a little gas to get into first Video 4
E. Drive around in first starting and stopping making sure to push in clutch Video 5
F. Learn to shift to 2nd by doing opposites with gas and clutch Video 6
H. Learn all the gears up and down and appropriate RPM for speeds Video 7
I. Practice downshifting with rev matching Video 8

III. What are the benefits?
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