How To Drink Drunk Driving?

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Drunk driving is a very serious subject. After drinking, your driving is impaired and it becomes harder to react to things. In the article, it states that “After alcohol reaches your stomach, it enters your blood and goes to all parts of your body and reaches your brain in 20 to 40 minutes.” The parts of your brain that it effects are the ones that control your judgment and motor skills. After drinking it becomes harder to judge distance, speed, and even to control your car.

In the same article, it explains that “one of the most dangerous things about alcohol is that your judgment is the first thing to be impaired. It is a fact that over half of all drivers have driven after they have been drinking.” This is a scary thought knowing that there are a lot of people that
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At this point, you are six times more likely to be involved in an accident than if you were driving sober, and almost half of the crashes that end in fatalities are caused by driving drunk.

In the article it states that “The average person is likely to be legally intoxicated after consuming three mixed drinks, three glasses of wine, or three cans of beer in one hour, and will stay drunk by having only one additional drink every hour.” That is a scary thought knowing that there are not many people who drink less than three beers because once they start, they can’t stop.

In the article, it talks about the Utah Implied Consent Law. This law explains that if you are requested by an officer to take a test to see if you have drugs or alcohol in your system and you refuse, your license may be revoked for 18 months for a first offense and for 36 months for a second offense.

If you are under the age of 21, the same rules apply except if you are accused of a second offense, your license may be revoked for either 36 months, or until you are 21. They will choose the longest

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