How to Download Files from the Internet

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Who doesn’t have a desktop or laptop computer at home? Or at least who haven’t used one at school, work, or library? I believe that about 90% of Americans nowadays know how to use one. The main reason people buys a computer is because they want to have access to internet. We all know internet is a powerful tool to everybody; in it we are able to find almost anything we want to. Another use of the internet is to download files like music, videos, images, documents, games, etc., but sometimes these files are corrupt or have malware attached to them that could harm our computers. Taking the correct steps to download files from the internet could prevent a disaster.

How to Download Files from the Internet
Ways to Download Files
The first step to download files from the internet is to have access to it. There are two common ways to download files, through a website or through a download file program. No matter which option you choose, there are factors to consider when downloading certain files; one of these factors is to verify the source from where the files come from. Because some files could be corrupted or could have malware attached to them, knowing the origin of the file will help tremendously in determining if it is safe to open it on your computer. Websites

When downloading files from a website, the first step is to locate a safe website. Next step is to find the file you want to download, and click on it. You will be sent to a new web page where the file and a button labeled, download, will show. Once the download button is clicked a window will open asking you to open or save, according to your preference you can open it immediately or save it for later use. I prefer to open it if I need it at the moment. No matter which option you choose, the file will automatically be saved in the designated path in which you prefer it to be at. When download is complete, I especially recommend you to run a virus scan on the file to ensure there are not...
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