How to Do a Literature Review?

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How to do literature review?

My suggestion is the following steps

1) Source: Search for the academic papers by either (1) Web of Science or (2) Google Scholars. (see the last page) 2) Try to identify the papers that are either (1) very relevant, or (2) slightly relevant but important. You can read only the abstract to find out whether a paper is relevant or not. 3) A paper is important when:

a. Published in top journals. See Page 2.
b. Famous authors or authors working at top universities. c. Larger number of citations.
d. (your supervisor’ or friends’ papers)
4) Next, find a recent highly relevant paper with well-organized literature review to learn the complete picture of your target subject area. Papers published in top journals typically include better literature review. a. It helps if you can find a survey or meta-analysis article published in top journals. 5) Also, in both sites, you can search more papers that cite or being cited by your “important and relevant” papers. By doing that, you can trace the whole stream of papers that have investigated the same topic. 6) I highly recommend you using reference management software called “EndNote”. In both sites, you can easily download the reference info. into EndNote. EndNote also helps you manage the pdf files of papers.

Top Business Journals: UT Dallas Journal List

Top Economics Journal
1. Econometrica
2. American Economic Review
3. Journal of Political Economy
4. Journal of Economic Theory
5. Journal of Econometrics
6. Quarterly Journal of Economics
7. Review of Economic Studies
8. Games and Economic Behavior
9. Review of Economics and Statistics
10. Rand Journal Of Economics

1. There are 24 journals in this list. I would say Journal on Computing, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Operations Management, and Journal of International Business should be excluded. Ignore those 4 and the other top 20 journals are indeed the...
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