How to Do Well in School

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How to do well in School
A good amount of our lives are spent in an educational facility. For some, school comes easy and they pass through those years like a breeze, but for others school can be a struggle. They wonder what they need to do to do well in school, and the answer is rather simple. All you need to do, is your work, be on the teachers good side, and imagine yourself where you want to be when you get out of school.

To succeed in school you need to first of all do all your work. Don’t go through your school years not doing work because school a burden when it doesn’t have to be. It also creates a habit of laziness and procrastination, two things that won’t get you far in life. Also doing your work is an easy way to get good grades. Plus kids that do their classwork tend to understand the homework more than those who didn’t practice it all in class. By doing your classwork you get to see things that’ll possibly be on your homework and if you don’t understand something on there, you can always ask the teacher for help. This will help you understand the lesson more and you’ll get better grades. Another thing get on the teachers good side. People think that being a “teachers pet“ is a bad thing, when its actually not. When you’re on their good side they trust you more. They know that you do the work, so they’re not always on top of you. To get on the teachers good side you need to go a little further than just doing your work. You need to participate a lot. Ask many questions, teachers like when you ask questions because it makes them feel like you’re interested and want to know more. Everyone likes it when people listen to them including teachers, so pay attention to them and they’ll make class easier for you. The last thing you need to do well in school isn’t something that is physical its more mental. What I mean is you need to imagine yourself at your graduation of your last year of school. What do you see yourself receiving? A diploma, awards, a...
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