How to Develop Confidence in Speaking?

Topics: Grammar, Learning, Language Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: March 7, 2011
Eghbal Ghazizadeh.        MC101230

How to Develop Confidence in Speaking

         As we know  today  learning other languages like English and french is a common problem in the world. So people want to find better ways to improve their language. Speaking is an important skill to communicate with other people. But, How can we improve speaking skill? How we are going to learn speaking properly and confidently? Are we speak quickly,easily and automaticaly. In traditional way, people a lot of time when learning a language focous on speaking well. In this essay, I want to discuss language, practice and technique which can help us develop confidence in speaking.

       Learn phrases and ignorance of grammar are two ways to increase language skills. Many people learn english in wrong ways and try to learn individual words  without giving attention to role of them in sentences. So what is a phrases? Phrase is a group of word,two or three or more words. Actuly this way is pretty simple, but it is very powerful and increase our speaking spead. Ther are a lot of very impotant benefit when we learn phrases instead of individual words. In other words  learning phrases is very important to prove our  confidence in speaking. We ignor grammar for confidenent speaking. In fact, giving  attention to grammar causes problem in speaking. Morever, people must learn grammer by listening and trying to use correct sentences and phrases to prove satisfied speaking. Reaserch has shown and has confirmed this thesis. Thus, native english people do not attend to word and grammar and they articulate english without learning words and grammar.

      On of the more important factor in speaking cofidenently is practice. As we know, language learners spend much time on learning and practicing hard all the time. In addition, language learner must read short stories, watch movies and listen to real conversations and practice every day. On the hand, we need repeat everything we listen and...
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