How to Describe and Use Climatic Graphs

Topics: Autumn, Winter, Maxima and minima Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: February 24, 2013
How to describe and use climatic graphs

All three areas have the maximum temperature in July; England’s maximum temperature is 20 degrees. Norway’s is 16 degrees and Siberia is 24 degrees. The difference between highest and lowest is only 8 degrees. All three areas also have the minimum temperature in January. England’s is 0 degrees, Norway’s is -6 and Siberia’s is -51. The difference from highest to lowest for minimum temperature is 51 degrees. Both England and Norway have a difference of 20 degrees between their maximum and minimum temperature. However in Serbia it has a difference of 75 degrees meaning it has almost a four times bigger change in temperature. On the graph the temperature for Ambleside looks pretty straight with a small incline in the middle. Tromso has a much larger incline but it to is pretty similar all year round. The biggest is Siberia is has a huge incline which shows the huge difference in temperatures year round. The 3 different areas are completely different. For one the rain levels in Ambleside, England are extremely high all year round but in the periglacial area of Verkoyansk, Siberia has a very low proportion of rain and its majority falls in June, July and August. The mountain has by far the most rain fall in the year with 1851 mm where the glacial of Tromso, Norway has 994 mm of rain annually but the lowest by far is the periglacial of Siberia with only 156 mm. England’s most rainfall is over the winter months reaching 214 mm in January but it stays about the same all year round it just peaks in winter. Norway’s highest rainfall comes in autumn with a maximum of 115 mm in October but it too has roughly the same amount of rainfall all year. But in Siberia the highest rainfall is in summer with a maximum of 33 mm in July. The minimum amount of rainfall in Ambleside is 90 mm in May. In Norway the minimum is 56mm in July and in Siberia it has a low of 4 mm in April.
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