How to Deal with an Alcoholic Relative

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How to deal with an alcoholic relative?
Personally I don´t have any experience with alcoholic relatives so I researched in some Internet pages, first I’m going to tell you what is exactly alcoholism: Alcoholism is an illness that comes when a person is dependant of alcohol and the person cannot leave it for more than few hours it brings both physical and physiological problems. The mechanisms that cause alcoholism are different for each person but they can be the social environment, personal issues, stress, etc. But the worst thing about it is that it not only affects the person with the disease, but also the loved ones who struggle to find ways to be supportive and helpful. In many cases, relatives are not sure what to do in order to help a loved one overcome alcoholism, or what to do once the alcoholic determines that he or she needs help. The World Health Organization estimates that there are 140 million people with alcoholism worldwide.[ But only like 26 million are well treated. The question is, what should we do if someone we know is an alcoholic? The first thing is that he or she has to realize that he or she has a problem! If they don’t accept the disease that they have, they will never accept to receive any kind of help, sadly in most cases people do know they are alcoholic but they just deny it, sometimes it something huge has to happen so that they will open their eyes to the problem and accept it. After the person has accept it you should immediately get help either from a physiologist or from a rehab center. We have to remember that even with the best intentions from us, we are no specialists and we can’t even try to fix the problem because in fact alcoholism is not anything like a bad habit that someone can quit with some effort, it is a disease and as any disease it needs special treatment. This may be the hardest part because once the treatment starts the person will want to get alcohol, they will give up in a lot of occasions and even get...
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