How to Date a Brown Girl

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Fiction, Human Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: August 28, 2013
How to Date a Brown Girl
The short story is called: “How to date a brown girl.” And it is published in 1997 by Junot Díaz. The writer of this short story wants to tell us about the differences between the human races. He is telling us about what you can expect from, for example, dating a black girl or a white girl. He got this recipe for how to date the girls. For example if you are dating a halfie you can expect that she would talk a lot about how her parents ended up together. You may also have to meet her white mother who will like to check you out, just to make sure that you are the right person for her daughter. One of the main problems is the differences between the cultures. He thinks that every human race has this different way to react. He is guiding us throughout the different situations you can be facing and telling us how to get through them the best possible way. It is no secret that the narrator has many prejudices. He does not just hate one specific human race. He is not just talking negative about the human races so he is not a racist. He is just telling us about his own prejudices and what he expects from the different human races. “The halfie might lean back and push you away.” (Line 114) In this sentence you can see how he is telling us how the ‘halfie’ might react. As mentioned earlier he is guiding us throughout the different situations we may face throughout our “dating-carrier”. When he gives us this information he is expecting us to solve it because he has just prepared us for this situation. The narrator does not give us detailed guidelines on how to solve the situations. He is just preparing us for the situations which can give us time to prepare a clever respond. The narrator does not tell us about his own experiences with girls who have different racial backgrounds. He does not mention what he has experienced. We just assume that he is a very experienced man who has had his share of girls. When you read the text you do not have a...
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