how to dance dabke

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Hey everyone, would you like to go into the world of the tradtional dance used in the arab I will be talking about how to dance my traditional lebanese dance dabke commonly practices in certain events and ceremonys so if you would like to show the fomouse traditional arab dance to your friend I will be willing to show you how. Requirements to complete this traditional dance are having the required clothes, approporiate music, dance steps. Firstly, you start by preparing for your fast pased dance by getting a suitable pair of clothing. You wouldn’t wanna trip while jumping up and down and moving fast that you would trip don’t you? You can always wear the traditional clothing that contains of light weight clothing and easy to breath while you dance with your peers. Secondly, music is essentel for the dance to hype up the dancers, the most common song ‘Dal Ouna’ is used in this dance and believe me it gets you hyper to just jump higher and move faster to go with the flow. While following the beat of the music you can go with the music at much ease. You can also use the ‘tablah’ which is a small hand-drum to hype it up even more. Thirdly, performing these steps are a the most important part of the dance since your break some sweats on the way till your done. First you have to stand with peers of needed in a side ways position lined and have your legs slightly apart and have your first step to the right sort of a crossover. Repeat the first movement two times to the right. Second perform a low kick that your upper thight is at a slight angle to your body, then thirdly end it with a stomp. And there you have it, lets recap the steps to perform tabke, first we have the traditional clothing to soothen up and reliefe you while you dance, second music and equipments used in the dance, and finally having the right steps to execute the dance perfectly. Now you are ready to dance dabke, now go into some random wedding party and you might blend in with people dancing dabke....
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