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How to Cope With Stress at College
Millions of people go to college each year and yet most of them will still likely find one of the worst experiences in their life. One of the factors that give substantial contribution to that experience is the ability to cope with stress at college. It is a very common phenomenon among those who went through that painful college life. Some managed to survive while some did not. However, it is more than just possible to turn the college life to be one of the most worth-remembering experiences in one’s life. This essay will guide students thoroughly on how to survive college life. The very first thing that one can do to be able to cope with stress at college is to work on time management. Time management is one if not the most integral part in a student’s life. Students can be considered to be superior in managing their time if they are able to make a priority in spending their time. Every single person has their own way to manage their time such as effective planning, goal setting, etc. Effective planning is more on the process of making plan in advance and in daily basis while goal setting is based on one works towards their goal for a longer period of time. If at least one of this is to be done by them, it is favorable that they will always be ahead of others or at least be able to finish their works on time. So, time management is an essential part if students want to overcome stress that they can possibly face in college. Being mentally and physically balanced is also important. One does not have to study all the time to overcome their stress nor to spend all the time satisfy the physical needs. Researcher at Bangor University in Wales found performance of a mentally fatiguing task prior to a difficult exercise test caused participants to reach exhaustion more quickly than when they did the same exercise when mentally rested. That suggests that the brain would not be able to work 24-hour a day and has to be rested for...
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