How to Cope with Bullies

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Is your first year of secondary school not like what you expected it to be due to either being teased mercilessly or picked on everyday at school? Fear not, dear student! You are most definitely not alone. Being a victim of bullying, especially at schools, is not uncommon these days. Furthermore, it also may cause emotional and at times, even physical scars, but there are many ways to cope with bullies.

One of the most important ways to cope with bullies at school is to tell either your teacher or another adult who is in charge. They may confront the bullies immediately and instead of just scolding them, the teacher may punish them for their actions for them to learn their lesson. The teacher may also try to explain to the bullies the pain they have caused and the negative image they are creating for themselves. You may be asked to join in to have a talk together with both the bully and your teacher, to find out the reason for bullying and to solve it. As such, by telling to your teacher or another person in charge, it can help you cope with bullies, because the problem can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently before the problem becomes worse.
Discussing your problems faced with the bully, to your parents also helps you to cope as it may relieve the emotional stress experienced and sometimes, even the cause of your stress. Talking with your parents about the bullying incidents is a good way to reveal your feelings into the open and it may also relive your fears and frustration. Your parents will help you to brainstorm ways to deal the bullying situation directly, and also help you to make a plan. They will also help you to understand that the best thing for you to do is walk away from the bully and to ignore taunts and threats, for the bully will tire of getting no reaction and eventually chose another victim. Furthermore, if the situation of

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