How to Coach a Soccer Team

Topics: Coaching, Coach, Football Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Jaime Guadarrama
Carol Myslinski, Instructor
English 1099
22 November 2010

How to Coach a Soccer Team
Soccer coaching is an extremely rewarding and fun experience for anyone who has had any involvement in soccer before. Even if a coach is new to the sport and is simply helping out a local team, the fast-paced game, team camaraderie, and ability to help develop young people is a draw for many coaches to keep at it. So how does a coach who has no experience; coach a soccer team? To get started one must have confidence while coaching, know the game, and lastly come prepared with the proper equipment.

If coaching a soccer team you must have lots of confidence, if young athletes think their coach does not know what he or she is talking about, they will quickly lose interest. To maintain control of athletes at all times, coaches need to project an image of confidence and competence. Even if the new coach feels in over their head, it is important not to show that to athletes or their parents. To help fake confidence until the coach feels secure in the sport, they should always be prepared with an answer. Even if the answer is nothing more than, “We’re going to discuss that in a few minutes.” and “Can you rejoin your group for now?”, coaches are able to maintain control of the situation and buy enough time to devise a proper response to the question.

In order to do their job well done, soccer coaches need to understand the basics of the game. Depending on the age and playing level of the athletes, new coaches may not need to learn everything right away. They can study the basics by reading manuals on the rules, basics of the game, and penalties. Then, coaches can watch other games, either local or televised, to get a feel for the rhythm of the game. To get general tips on coaching, new coaches should consider resources like the American Coaching Academy, which provides training and certification in youth sports coaching. Sites like this prepare a new coach...
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