How to Clean Your Room

Topics: Vacuum cleaner, Dust, Cleanliness Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: September 10, 2011
How to Clean Your Room
This process can be fun and then again sometimes it can be just down right boring and a huge chore to do. First of all, cleaning a room would not be so bad if you keep everything organized because then your room obviously would not need cleaned except for the weekly vacuuming and dusting. Also, your mother would not nag at you to clean your room.

The first step to cleaning your room would be get everything up off of the floor as fast as you can and shove it into the closet. Once the closet is full, now you will have to find another great storage spot to put everything. I know a really good location, under the bed. Shoving things under the bed is a lot better because then they will not fall out when you open the closet doors and hit you in the head. Another great hiding spot for the junk is in drawers if you have some extra space. If none of these ideas capture your attention for cleaning your room then just leave it as is and let the dog at it and if it is a dog like mine she will be the vacuum cleaner for you.

Actually though the above way of cleaning your room would definitely be a kid’s way however the proper way would be to do the following.

First, you would want to put your toys away where you first pull them out of. Some toys for example Legos come in boxes and to keep things neat and orderly you should always put them back into their own box so that pieces don’t get mixed up. If they are video games put them back in their containers and put them in an orderly fashion. I have mine in a storage cabinet and so that is where I need to make sure they get put back. Dirty laundry should be put in a hamper and not just thrown on the bed or floor or shoved in the closet. Who knows what might grow in your socks if you lose them in the closet. If the clothes are clean they should be put either in your dresser drawers or hung in your closet. Don’t just throw the clean clothes in the hamper to cause more laundry for...
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